Staying Focused On Your Religion

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Go Beyond Public: Why Your Child Should Be Enrolled In A Catholic High School

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Choosing the right educational setting for your child is never easy. This is especially true with so many options available to you. If you’re looking for a strong religious education for your children, it’s time to consider enrollment in a Catholic high school. When your children attend a Catholic high school, they’re immersed in their religion each day. Here are four the reasons why your children need to be enrolled in a Catholic high school. Read More»

Why Would You Want To Attend A Young Adult Sunday School Class?

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As a young adult, you are busy making your way into the world. Are you consumed with college, establishing a career, or starting a family and finding it difficult or even unappealing to attend Sunday school? Have you gone to Sunday all your life and feel it is time to move on? If you are struggling with going to Sunday school as a young adult, you aren’t alone. There are so many reasons or excuses not to go, but are you also thinking about the many reasons why you should go? Read More»