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Why Would You Want To Attend A Young Adult Sunday School Class?

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As a young adult, you are busy making your way into the world. Are you consumed with college, establishing a career, or starting a family and finding it difficult or even unappealing to attend Sunday school? Have you gone to Sunday all your life and feel it is time to move on?

If you are struggling with going to Sunday school as a young adult, you aren't alone. There are so many reasons or excuses not to go, but are you also thinking about the many reasons why you should go?

The Obvious

There's no need to spend a lot of time focusing on the obvious reasons one should attend Sunday school. Things like:

  • Strengthening and growing your faith
  • Studying the Bible
  • Doing missions within the church and your community

The Not So Obvious

There are many not so obvious reasons to attend Sunday school as a young adult. Here is a look at some of them:

Small Group Participation – Small groups allow you to delve deeper into subjects than larger groups or being in the church congregation permit. Your personal growth is nurtured in a safe environment. Small groups are also an important part of the church. Sunday school classes become a small community within the world of the church. They work together to help the overall church survive and grow.

Building Lasting Relationships – Sunday school is a place where young adults meet people who become life-long friends.

Growing Together – Many Sunday school classes start out together as young adults and grow to be older adults in the same group. You will probably attend their weddings, and they will attend yours. You will raise your children together. You'll share experiences such as caring for elderly parents. Moreover, eventually, you will find yourselves bragging about your grandkids to one another.

Battling Temptations – As you enter adulthood, you will find that temptations are everywhere. Being in a Sunday school class with others your own age gives you a place to talk about the difficulties of warding off some of the wrongs that tug at you from time to time.

By attending Sunday school, your relationship with God will flourish while you make lifelong friends and help the church and your community.

These are some compelling reasons why you as a young adult would not only want to attend Sunday school yourself but also encourage your friends to join you. For more information, contact New Gethsemane Baptist Church or a similar location.