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When To Book A Distance Reiki Session

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When most people wish to receive a Reiki treatment, they either visit a Reiki practitioner's clinic or arrange for the practitioner to visit them at home. These two scenarios are common, but they're not the only way that you can enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits of this form of treatment. Many Reiki practitioners offer distance sessions, which means that they're not in the same physical space as you. You'll still set a time to have the session, and you'll lie quietly in a relaxed position where you are — while the Reiki practitioner sends healing energy your way. Here are some times that you may wish to book a distance Reiki session.

You're Away From Home

If you've had a number of Reiki sessions in the past and have found them to be beneficial, you might be aware of when you need another session. For example, if you use Reiki for stress, going through a stressful experience can compel you to book a session. There may be times when you're traveling for work or even on a vacation and you feel as though you need a session. Instead of trying to find a local Reiki practitioner, contact your usual practitioner to see if they offer distance sessions. For example, you might book a session on a business trip if you've had a stressful meeting and need to be relaxed to make a presentation the next day.

You're Immobile

Some people occasionally find themselves dealing with various degrees of immobility. The scenario may relate to your physical health — for example, you've broken your leg and have trouble getting around. Or, there could be other things that affect your mobility. Your vehicle might be in the repair shop, limiting your ability to travel. In either scenario, distance Reiki may be a practical option if you feel that you need a session.

You've Moved

If you've recently moved from one city to another, or even to a new state, you may be in need of Reiki but do not have the time to evaluate different practitioners. Instead of ignoring your need for treatment, contact the Reiki practitioner who you used to visit in person to see if they can help you with a distance session. While you may eventually want to find a local practitioner in your new area, being able to use distance sessions in the meantime can come in handy on multiple occasions.

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