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Finding Inventory For Your Used Bookstore: Top Tips

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Opening a used bookstore is a great way for any book lover to make a living doing something they enjoy. One issue every used bookstore owner must address, however, is where to obtain their inventory at a reasonable price. You cannot simply buy inventory from the publisher as you would with new books. This article looks at several good ways to find used books to sell for a profit.  

Library Sales  

Libraries have only a limited amount of room to store their books. So, from time to time, many libraries will sell off some of their older books that are not checked out often. Keep an eye out for any announcements concerning library book sales in your area. These books may sell for very low prices, such as 50 cents for a paperback and $1 for a hardbacks. Buying at these prices makes it relatively easy to profit when you resell the books in your store. 

Yard Sales 

Another way to find low-cost used books is to check out the yard sales in your area regularly. Books sold at yard sales are often sold cheaply, as many people simply want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Many used books at these types of events sell for $1 or less, according to, a leading personal finance website. 

One point to keep in mind is that books sold at yard sales are probably more likely to have damage than those purchased elsewhere. Inspect each book closely for problems such as water damage. Water damage, in particular, can ruin the chances of reselling a book.


It's also possible to buy inventory from a large wholesaler or liquidator who deals in used books. Typically, you will need to purchase these books in bulk. Although the prices are generally low per book, you might have to buy more books than you really need. It just depends on the size of your store and your business model. 

Neighborhood Sellers 

The best location for your used bookstore is in a neighborhood of book lovers. This keeps you close to your customer base and can help you replenish your inventory. People who buy a lot of used books may want to sell some of the items in their collection occasionally. Post ads in local publications or distribute flyers in the neighborhood stating that your buy used books in good condition. 

Obtaining a good supply of inventory for a used bookshop takes a good bit of time and effort, but by following these suggestions you should have few problems finding books to resell.

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